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The production of metal parts is mainly used in electronics and electrical appliances, communications, automotive, industry, medical equipment and other fields。At present, the company has 400 employees and more than 200 sets of high-precision equipment,Customers are mainly distributed in Japan, which accounts for 70% of the total production orders.By the end of 2018, the company has cooperated with 186 Japanese companies and more than 40 European and American companies.


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The production of customized machining metal parts is mainly used in electronics and electrical appliances, communications, automotive industry, medical equipment and other fields.

Aerospace & Defense

LW cnc manufacturer, we offer a wide range of high-performance CNC machined and 3D printed metals, fire-retardant composites with optional fire-retardant continuous fiber reinforcements, and high-temperature thermoplastics that are best suited for a variety of aerospace and defense applications.

Oil & Gas

LW offers a variety of CNC machined and 3D printed metals, Common applications include replacement parts for land and submersible rigs, drillships, pump heads, pressure heads, and railing systems.

Renewable Energy

We work with engineers and purchasers in the renewable energy sector to provide CNC machined and 3D printed parts and components for wind, solar, biomass, hydropower, and geothermal processes. With our selection of industrial-grade materials and processes, common parts we produce consist of generator frame, brake, Hubs system, panel, back rail, carrier rail, and hydropower station gate components, gearbox housings, rotors, shafts, bushings, turbine housings, and impellers.

Electronics, Robotics, & Automation

LW offers an excellent selection of CNC machined and 3D printed materials for a variety of automation, robotics, and electronics parts and components. Within our extensive metals, composites, and high-performance plastics offerings, we have materials with the necessary conductivity and ESD (electrostatic discharge) resistance properties needed for different applications. Common parts we manufacture consist of robot arm, body/frame, control system, manipulators, and drivetrain components, electronics enclosures, housings, and plug and adaptor parts. Our extensive materials options provide solutions for indoor and outdoor components that may be exposed to a wide range of environmental forces.

Product Development

We work closely with product developers and engineers to help you navigate the most optimal manufacturing processes, materials, and design considerations for concept models and functional prototypes. We can also help you scale manufacturing of your parts with small-run to larger volume production through our in-house operations and partner network. We are continuously developing and improving our material and manufacturing process database so we can help you optimize your parts and components for their necessary applications. We make the design iteration process easy and transparent for engineers and product designers. Sign up for a free Manufacturing Consultation today to see how we can help you with your project.

precision auto parts

Our high-performance metal, composite, continuous fiber, and thermoplastic CNC machining and 3D printing capabilities enable us to optimize your manufacturing processes and materials selections for automotive parts. Common applications for the automotive industry consist of grips, jigs, fixtures, engine replacement parts, suspension components, brake ducts, and fire retardant cabin interior cosmetic and functional / weight-bearing parts. We are also able to reduce part weight for a variety of automotive applications.

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Universities and research institutions commonly work with us for their laboratory testing and equipment needs. Oftentimes, our materials need to be suitable for varying degrees of chemical, temperature, and pressure exposure. Our CNC machined and 3D printed metals, composites, continuous fibers, thermoplastics, and high-temperature thermoplastics provide a number of solutions for such applications. Common parts we manufacture consist of internal fixtures for test tubes, incubator parts and components, centrifuge parts and components, chemical enclosures and lids, and funnels.

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